Embedded Payments

BlueSnap Embedded Payments is a flexible multi-party payment solution for all types of platforms. With our world-class scalable solution, you can onboard your merchants and monetize payments with a few easy steps.

With BlueSnap Embedded Payments you get:

  • Fast onboarding
  • All automated KYC/AML verifications
  • Global payments
  • White-label option

Introducing BlueSnap Dash™ & BlueSnap Relay™

BlueSnap Embedded Payments has two different product types to choose from: BlueSnap Dash™ and BlueSnap Relay™. Whether you decide to use BlueSnap Dash™ or BlueSnap Relay™, you will still have access to our global payments system and our world-class automated onboarding solution.

BlueSnap Dash™

BlueSnap Dash™ is a quick-to-integrate option where we host the account application for your merchants. With BlueSnap Dash™, your accounts/merchants have a direct relationship with BlueSnap and they have their own login to access BlueSnap’s sandbox and production environments. This solution is ideal for platforms that want to go live with minimal development work, and do not need the white-label experience for their merchants.

BlueSnap Relay™

BlueSnap Relay™ is our full white-label solution. With BlueSnap Relay™, BlueSnap is completely invisible to your merchants and they will not interact with us. As a platform, you will be responsible for hosting your own account application on your platform or website. You will also be responsible for collecting all the required information from your merchants and passing it to BlueSnap via our API. BlueSnap Relay™ is ideal for platforms that would like to create an experience for their merchants that is white-labeled and seamless from end to end.

Use the chart below to explore BlueSnap Dash™ and BlueSnap Relay™ features and to help you decide which solution is the best fit for your needs.

Are Embedded Payments right for you?

Before you get started with BlueSnap Dash™ or BlueSnap Relay™, let’s determine whether Embedded Payments is the right solution for you. If you are a marketplace, we have a separate production solution for you to get started. To figure out if your business model falls into the marketplace category, answer the three questions below.

  • Do shoppers/customers think they purchase products from you directly?
  • Does your platform get listed on the shopper's/customer's credit card statement?
  • Do shoppers/customers reach out to you directly when they need support?

If you answered "yes" for all the questions above, then you are a marketplace and BlueSnap's Marketplaces solution will be the right fit for your business model.

If you answered "no" for all the questions above, Embedded Payments is the right solution for you.

Still not sure if Embedded Payments is right for your business model? Please contact us so we can help you get started.

Merchant Portfolio Migration

BlueSnap makes it easy for you to securely transfer your entire merchant portfolio to our system in just minutes.

First, our team will provide you with upload instructions and a CSV template to populate with merchant information. Once you complete the template, you will securely upload the file to the BlueSnap SFTP server. If you have any relevant KYC/AML documents, you can pass them along at this stage. We will review your submission, and if we need any additional information, someone from our team will reach out.

Keep in mind that you can track the progress of your migration and respond to any additional information requests directly from your Partner Portal. If you have questions at any stage, our team will be there to guide you. Once your merchant portfolio is securely transferred to BlueSnap, you can start accepting payments.