The BlueSnap APIs are a collection of RESTful-based web services. They use standard HTTP features, such as HTTP verbs and Basic authentication, and can be used easily with any HTTP client.


To interact with the APIs, you will send an authenticated HTTP request to an API URL. Each API URL defines a requested environment, resource type, and an action to perform. For example, this is the API URL you would use to create a new transaction in the sandbox environment:


Request and response format

Each request should include Basic authentication and specify the relevant content type. See Authentication & headers.

Requests may also include body content where necessary.

When updating a property, we recommend that you first use the relevant retrieve request.

The API requests and responses are formatted as either JSON or XML.

To download BlueSnap's XSD schema files, go to

IP Addresses

BlueSnap supports IPv4 (32-bit) and IPv6 (128-bit) addresses.


HTTP status codes are sent back in the API responses to indicate whether a request was successful. In case of an error, the response body contains an error message with a more detailed description of the error.