Connect to BlueSnap using SDKs developed, enhanced, and modified by developers within the open source community. While BlueSnap provides SDKs for Android and iOS, we want to offer other options.

Open Source SDKs

This section is for projects created by developers just like you. Using the solutions found on this page, you can get development support from the open source community and receive answers to your questions right here in the documentation — there are plenty of resources available to assist you.


While we list open source projects here, BlueSnap is not responsible for them. Projects should be considered at your own discretion.

Choose from existing open source projects

Create your own open source project

If you want to develop your own customized project, we highly encourage you to do so! Like to have your open source project featured in our documentation for other developers to see and contribute to? Contact Merchant Support to chat about the possibility.

/n software SDKs

Connect to BlueSnap's global payment gateway technology using /n software's SDKs.