The BlueSnap iOS SDK makes it easy to offer a delightful payment experience to shoppers using their iPhones or iPads, and it provides two elegant UI options for you to choose from - a pre-built checkout UI (shown in images below) to get up-and-running quickly or a flexible credit card field to embed in your own checkout flow. In both options, the shopper's payment data never passes through your server, since it is submitted directly to BlueSnap via the Payment API. Your PCI burden is reduced to the minimum SAQ-A.


  • Use the out-of-the-box checkout form
  • Enjoy the minimum PCI compliance burden (SAQ-A)
  • Easily collect your shopper’s shipping information if needed
  • Global checkout support with automatic support for multiple currencies
  • Support credit cards and PayPal payments
  • Fraud support including Device Data Checks

Installation and usage

The SDK and a demo app are available on GitHub. See the readme file for detailed usage instructions.


When you can use BlueSnap and Apple Pay in iOS

It's necessary to understand the difference between Apple Pay and In-App Purchase. Use BlueSnap and Apple Pay within apps to sell physical goods (such as groceries, clothing, and appliances), or for services (such as club memberships, hotel reservations, and event tickets).

Use In-App purchases to sell virtual goods (such as premium app content and subscriptions for digital content). See Apple's In-App Purchase for more information.

Checkout flow options

Standard Checkout Flow

In the Standard Checkout Flow, you get up and running quickly with our pre-built checkout UI providing dynamic currency conversions and built-in validations. By building a single integration, you can accept Apple Pay, credit cards, and PayPal payments. Some additional capabilities include:

  • Specifying required shopper info, such as email or billing address
  • Pre-populating checkout page with shopper details you've already collected
  • Launching the checkout flow with a simple start function

The images above show the Standard Checkout Flow with an additional shipping details page.

Custom Checkout Flow

In the Custom Checkout Flow, you control the look and feel of your checkout process, while using our flexible credit card field (shown in right image) to collect the shopper's sensitive data. With this flow, you have full access to the following benefits:

  • Built-in validations and card-type detection.
  • Helper classes to assist you in currency conversions, removing whitespaces, and more.
  • Simple function that submits sensitive card details directly to BlueSnap's server.